Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hockey On The Radio Special Feature- Mike McMahon, Merrimack Warriors

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to Hockey on the Radio! It is a pleasure to be back and bringing you information on the individuals who broadcast the game of hockey to your living rooms and car radios. For the next installment I will profile a man who has had some time on the air helping us with Merrimack hockey broadcasts and has also carved out an even bigger presence through podcasts and the written word, Mike McMahon.  

Mike McMahon is a trusted, reliable and invaluable resource in his coverage of college hockey, especially to the radio broadcast effort at Merrimack College with Mike Machnik and yours truly. A graduate of Merrimack College, Mike has been covering college hockey since the 2005-06 season. Although radio is not a function that Mike does on a consistent basis, it is imperative to mention his work due to the influential nature of it. Mike has been covering Merrimack hockey since 2006-07 with the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, and is a senior writer for College Hockey News, the recognized leader in the coverage of college hockey. He is widely known for his outstanding website " The Mack Report" at , in which he provides in-depth analysis, podcasts, transcripts, and articles related to Merrimack College hockey and college hockey in general. Mike has developed a reputation as a true "go-to" resource for me, as I rely heavily and depend on his insight and analysis. He also hosts the "Merrimack College Coaches show" a weekly segment in which he interviews Merrimack head coach Mark Dennehy on topics that are relevant and are important to Merrimack College specifically and college hockey in general.

In addition to breaking down college hockey games with his well-prepared analysis and commentary,
Mike also covers all other sports that are relevant at Merrimack, and has also covered the UFC and has had excellent analysis there as well. He has also written for, Red Line Editorial, as well as MetroWest Daily News. Mike has also appeared on several media outlets, including and has also been interviewed on Canadian outlets regarding his exhaustive knowledge of college hockey. He has been featured on dozens of radio programs to lend his expert analysis of college hockey.  Mike also is an excellent photographer, and his photos taken during Merrimack hockey games are featured on the In addition to his work at WEEI, he has also gained valuable experience at WHDH-TV and at WBZ News Radio 1030 in Boston. He also operates live blogs during his coverage of games as well a mailbag segment, where he answers questions from fans on topics relating to college hockey (Merrimack in particular).

I have had Mike on the air with me, and he also filled in with Mike Machnik on the one occasion I had to miss a game (one of only two misses I have had in my almost 11 years at Merrimack). Mike's transition to the radio side was seamless and effortless. His knowledge of the game and skill in communicating is a perfect fit to the success of the broadcast. He is a frequent intermission guest on our broadcasts and provides as in-depth analysis of the game as anyone I have ever known. As stated earlier, his material on the Mack Report is as critical to my preparation as is any other resource I work with.

In addition to his undergraduate degree from Merrimack College in political science and government, Mike also earned certification from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2006, in which he gained valuable knowledge of the broadcasting industry which has served him well in his communication efforts. He is also the VP of Operations for Furniture Concepts, Inc.

I have referenced this site on a few occasions in this blog post, but it is an excellent reference point to getting a really good feel of Mike's work. If you would like to learn more about Mike's scope and breadth of coverage, please head over to  and check out his outstanding work. You can also see a lot of his work at